Do you know what type of disease is happening with PUBG?


What is considered to be the most popular game at this time is PUBG, which is being considered as the most popular game ever so far, millions of people playing the game all over the world, millions of people play this game. People are quite forward, it is believed that every one is playing PUBG for at least 4 hours in a day, so that they are afraid of having bigger diseases.

Especially, it is seen that most children play on the night of the bird, which increases the fear of causing serious illness, which increases the fear of migraine memory loss and decreased eye light, which can lead to such a disease. From which you may be sick for a long time your mind may be completely damaged by it.

It is seen from the fact that especially the migraine memory loss and eye glow are making a big difference. All these three illnesses are being seen more in people playing PUBG, especially migraine eye shadow, headache and dark circle banjara By which you can not sleep completely at night and gradually your body becomes weak, it is causing serious illness.

If you play this game in the morning, then stop the wait and avoid this game as much as you can. It can give you such a sickness that will cause you to struggle for life. Life has struggled because of this disease. That this disease does not stop right away right now and if you want to play this game you will still be able to stay in a limited time if you want to play this game. O you will be vulnerable to disease.

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